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MYM - Asylum Big Ring Cigar Sampler

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Asylum is a brand that has quietly climbed to the top and is becoming increasingly sought after, especially after being named one of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 of 2013. Ever since his days of owning Camacho, Christian Eiroa has been known for one thing: BIG flavor. He may no longer be the head honcho at Camacho but blending this line of smokes for Asylum owners Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka sure helps to continue his tradition. This sampler contains 10 very big ring gauge cigars (64+) all with the signature Eiroa full-bodied profile.


Our Meet Your Maker - Asylum Big Ring Sampler includes the following cigars:


1 - Asylum - 66 x 6” - Asylum begins with a blast of cedar, which quickly transforms into a vast array of earthy, toasty flavors. The Nicaraguan spice makes its presence known, as well as speckled hints of coffee and chocolate throughout the experience.


1 - Asylum 13 - 70 x 7” - Beginning with leather and dark chocolate, the further you claw your way into the stogie it will release black pepper and other exotic spices, plus some cedar, coffee, and even a unique floral component.


1 - Asylum 13 Corojo - 70 x 7” - After the first inch, the power has ramped up to medium-full and there is cocoa and red pepper to let you know this cigar means business. Some tangy citrus and cedar help keep the flavors balanced as the cigar develops to full, from midway to the last puffs.


1 - Asylum 13 Ogre - 70 x 7” - Spice, leather, and cocoa all are notes you can expect, just like in the regular Asylum 13 but the main difference comes from the Candela wrapper. There is a grassy earthiness which is present from beginning to end due to this unusual wrapper.


1 - Asylum 13 Connecticut - 70 x 7” - A hefty dose of spice, a hallmark of Honduran Corojo, blends well with the more traditional wood and hay and roasted coffee flavors usually found in shade-enveloped cigars. Creamy and rich from top to bottom, you will resist laying it down for a long, long while.


1 - Asylum Schizo - 70 x 7” - An open draw is to be expected, offering unimpeded access to the leather and cocoa which form the base profile. You might have to occasionally keep the burn from going off the rails, but as the smoke continues to fling cedar and cream and black pepper at your palate you’ll decide that some amount of supervision is worth the visit.


1 - Asylum Schizo Maduro - 70 x 7” - Clocking in at a medium body, there are hints of cocoa and earth from the moment you light this cigar up until you are ready to put the nub down. Asylum Schizo Maduro is still mild enough to enjoy any time of day, but the flavor is ramped up just enough to hold up against a strong coffee.


1 - Asylum Insidious - 64 x 7” - The vast majority will delight in the cedar and toasted nut flavors that serve as companions throughout the first third. The sweetness mutates into maple syrup during the second and final thirds, but its influence slowly wanes as earth and plum and black pepper all become more pronounced even as the strength remains steadily mild to medium.


1 - Asylum Insidious Maduro - 64 x 7” - Soon after lighting, the nectar-like goodness on the cap is nearly gone but not forgotten, a lingering influence on the cream and cocoa and spice that forms the foundation of the smoke’s profile. From a mild beginning, the strength reaches a solid medium near the midpoint and remains so through to the end.


1 - Asylum 33 - 70 x 6” - Solidly packed beneath a lightly veined and uniformly colored light brown wrapper, the juicy filler nonetheless allows a smooth draw with just a hint resistance to provide shifting bursts of rich coffee, red pepper, and leather flavors. Once the cigar reaches the end of the first third where earth, sweet cream, cedar, and toasted nuts enter the fray. As the razor-sharp burn approaches the shimmering silver band, expect some graham cracker, clove, and a touch of floral flavors to offset the full-strength onslaught of espresso and cocoa.

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