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Count of Montecristo Ashtray

Count of Montecristo Ashtray

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Everyone goes to cigar events and wants to win the logo ashtrays they give out as prizes for their cigar dens, patios, garage, poolside, smoking lounge, or other smoking area around their home, right? Well, we’re going to save you a ton of money. No raffle tickets needed. No ridiculous, buy X boxes get this ashtray for free malarkey here, just a simple, classic yellow, melamine plastic, 6-cigar holding, Count of Montecristo ashtray for $9.95 + Free Domestic Shipping on your entire order. That’s like getting the ashtray for pretty darn close to free.


Use it, abuse it, drop it, they’re awfully resilient but when you do end up breaking it, don’t come back looking for more of these as we expect to sell out of them PDQ, so grab an extra or two. Keep one or two on hand to give to a buddy just starting out in the hobby or to replace yours when it is time, these won’t last forever.


Dimensions: 9 1/2" W x 8" D x 1 15/16" H

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Type N/A
Brand Montecristo

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