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Foundry Natural

Foundry Natural

Strike while the iron is hot and let the Foundry cigar forge in you an appreciation for a new style of cigar. Developed by La Gloria Cubana’s Michael Gianni, this steampunk-themed cigar is a departure from common flavors and styles and offers the smoker a chance to cast aside their preconceptions of what makes a good smoke. The Wrapper is a Connecticut-grown leaf called H-47 Pleno Sol which was aged for eight long years before being overlaid onto the exclusive binder and five-nation filler. Proprietary to General Cigar and used in no other cigar, we can’t even tell you where these tobaccos come from but we do know where they did not. The cigar contains no tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Mexico.   The smoke is at once reminiscent of a yeasty bread, but with a solidly clean tobacco flavor at the forefront, a clove-like spiciness, and a honey sweetness to enhance what becomes an earthy, mouth-watering treat. A German-style Hefewiezen or Belgian Witbier is a natural companion to this medium-bodied, full-flavored cigar to enhance the flavors in each without overwhelming the palate. The cigar is to be considered unique in much the same way that the Drew Estate's Natural line or the Quesada Heisenberg Project are, where unique tobaccos are expertly blended to create a new smoking experience unlike any before. 

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